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Making Keys To A VATS Cadillac Hearse | Mr Locksmith Blog

Making Keys To A VATS Cadillac Hearse | Mr Locksmith Blog. For further info visit Mr. Locksmith Automotive.

Not a typical day getting called out to make a key for a 1996 Cadillac Hearse with a Vehicle Anti-theft System (VATS ) key system.

General Motors invented and deployed the VATS system into their vehicles in attempt to hinder auto thieves.

VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) was introduced by GM on the 1986 Corvette because the Corvette had become the number one target of car thieves. Corvette thefts dropped so impressively after VATS was implemented that GM expanded the system in 1988 to the Camaro, Firebird, and Cadillac Seville. VATS was standard equipment on all Cadillac vehicles and on many other Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile vehicles.

Each VATS key has a resistor embedded within the key-blade, and each resistor has 1 of 15 possible values. Decoding a VATS key is simple but it requires that you use an ohm meter.

VATS keys have a resistor embedded in the key blade with metal prongs protruding out of each side of the key blade. In order to read the resistance of the resistor in the key blade, place one lead of the ohm meter on one metal prong, and the other lead on the other metal prong, opposite, on the other side of the key blade. With the leads in there proper position a resistance value can be read from the ohm meter.

The black plastic pellet in the blade of the key contains a simple resistor, not a computer. There are 15 resistor values in the VATS system for 6 cut and 10 cut GM Keys.

Tamper: This mode happens when the wrong resister key or mechanical key for the vehicle is cranked and the resistance value as seen by the module is not the same as the value stored in the module. When this happens the module shuts down and the car will not start for the 4 minute “time-out”. The security light will also illuminate for the 4 minutes. The Start Enable Relay will not energize and the Fuel Enable signal will not be sent. After the “time-out” and the correct key and resistor is inserted the car will start.



Cadillac Hearse 1996 VATS
Cadillac Hearse 1996 VATS
GM VATS 10 Cut Keys
GM VATS 10 Cut Keys
Briggs & Stratton VATS Tool
Briggs & Stratton VATS Tool
Briggs & Stratton VATS Tool 15 settings
Briggs & Stratton VATS Tool 15 settings
KeylessRide's vbox VATS reader & scanner
KeylessRide’s vbox
VATS reader & scanner




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Cadillac Hearse 6 Cut VATS Keys
Cadillac Hearse 6 Cut VATS Keys

General Motors cars equiped with Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS), Personal Anti-theft Security System (PASSkey), GM PASSkey I, PASSkey II, and PASSkey III.

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1998-2012 Suburban/Avalanche/
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2003-2007 Hummer H2
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1994-2003 Grand Prix
1998-1999 Montana
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2007-2010 G5
2005-2010 G6
1999-2005 Grand AM
1994-1998 Trans Sports
1988-1999 Bonneville
1988-2002 Firebird
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1986-1993 Allante
1982-1996 Fleetwood
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1988-2004 Seville
1992-2004 SLS/STS
1985-1999 Deville
1994-1999 Deville Concours
1988-2002 ElDorado
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1999-2007 Escalade
2004-2007 Rainier
1994-2005 Century
1993-2004 Regal
1982-1999 LeSabre
2008-2011 Enclave
2006-2010 Lucerne
1991-1996 Park Avenue / Ultra
1994-1996 Roadmaster
1991-1996 Roadmaster Estate Wagon
1982-1999 Riviera
1988-1991 Reatta
1982-1990 Electra (all models)
1999-2004 Alero
1994-1999 Aurora
1998-2004 Bravada
1991-1993 Delta 88
1991-1999 Eighty-Eight (all variants)
1991-1996 Nighty-Eight
1998-2002 Intrigue
1990-1992 Toronado
1994-1997 Cutlass Supreme
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1997-1999 LSS/Regency
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1991-1996 Custom Cruiser
1998-2000 Hombre
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2006-2011 HHR
1998-2012 Savana/Express
1995-2005 Monte Carlo
1997-1999 Venture
1995-2001 Lumina
1988-2002 Camaro
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1982-2003 Corvette
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2000-2005 LW1/LW2
2002-2009 VUE
1998-2002 SL/SL1/SL2
1998-2002 SC1/SC2
1998-2002 SW1/SW2
2007-2009 Aura
2003-2007 Ion

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