3 Common Aftermarket Car Alarm Products

When it comes to protecting both your car and your valuable possessions inside, there is no substitute for a good car alarm that could serve as both a deterrent and a response system. Check out some of the most common aftermarket car alarm products, such as: Commando FM-870, Viper 5806V and Python 2-Way Security.

Below are 3 common aftermarket car alarm products:

Commando FM-870
The Commando FM-870 comes with a keychain remote control with multiple configuration options. A leading technology site notes that the LCD display makes it a standout purchase. The site also praises the Commando remote’s ability to unlock and start the vehicle from up to 2,500 feet away. The sensors are advanced as they monitor the doors and the trunk, as well as detect impacts to the vehicle. In addition, the alarm notifies the remote if the doors are forced or if the engine is started. Source: ebay

Viper 5806V
Viper has been one of the top guns of the aftermarket car alarm scene for years, and with each release, their systems get a little bit better. This two-way security system and remote start setup not only increase operating range to roughly one mile, but it also finally offers a remote that looks and feels like it came equipped with your car straight from the factory. Source: Bestproducts

Python 2-Way Security
If Viper produces the best car alarm systems in the industry, Python’s products run a close second. The company’s premium 2-Way Security and Remote Start System has many of the same features as the Viper system, including real-time security alerts and an impressive operational range of up to a mile. An included 6-tone siren sends a powerful message to intruders. Source: Safewise

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