3 Benefits of Remote Car Alarm Starter

Remote car alarm starter provides wide variety of benefits, such as: safety, comfort and engine care.

Below are 3 benefits of remote car alarm starter:

In really cold weather, four or five minutes of warm-up are appropriate. Also, if the driver took the time to set the climate controls properly, remote start can also ensure that a winter driver has a warm interior and a clear windshield by the time they drive away. The same thing goes for a car in hot weather, as the air conditioning has a chance to cool hot seats and interior hardware before the driver enters. Source: ebay

Since a remote car starter just simulates the same action that takes place when you turn the ignition key, these systems have a few limitations. One is that they typically don’t work very well with carbureted vehicles. Special carburetor kits are available for some remote starters, but these kits usually won’t do the trick for particularly temperamental vehicles that require a lot of fiddling with the gas or choke. If a vehicle requires manual intervention, such as a tap of the gas pedal to drop off high idle, that can also cause issues.
Newer vehicles that ship from the factory with built-in anti-theft measures can also cause issues. These vehicles typically require some type of bypass component in order for the remote starter to work without a key in the ignition. Source: Cartech.about.com

Engine Care
Warming the car, before driving, is also beneficial for the engine. For the car’s climate control system to start producing warm air, the engine must first warm up as it runs. Because the car idles for several minutes before being driven, the engine oil becomes more viscous and provides better lubrication once the driver is ready to go. This warm up period is especially beneficial for cars or trucks with diesel engines, but gas engines also benefit from this feature. Source: eHow

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