3 Useful Features of Car Alarm Systems

Protecting yourself and your family, as well as your vehicle, belongings, and car stereo can be an excellent reason to invest in a car security system. Here are 3 useful feature of car alarm systems, such as: keyless entry, starter kills and remote start.

Keyless Entry
Most car security systems come with a remote that serves a variety of purposes. It can be used to arm and disarm your car, as well as unlock your doors and release the trunk. While many cars already have this feature, the car alarm remotes can integrate the keyless entry and eliminate the need for another key in your pocket.  Source: Car-Alarm-Review.TopTenReviews

Starter Kills
The problem with car alarms is that they have become so common (especially in high-density areas) that most people tend to ignore the sound and go about their day (or try to go back to sleep) instead of calling the police. The best types of features are those that stop thieves dead in their tracks. A starter kill is one such feature. When the owner hears the alarm (or is alerted by other means, such as a sound or buzzing from the remote), he or she can press a button that disables the engine, making it difficult for the thief to get away with the car. Source: eBay

Remote start
One of the most useful additional car alarm features you can find; a remote car starter allows you to safely warm your car up without ever unlocking the doors or even leaving your house. Source: CarTech.about.com

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