4 Guide Steps to Program a Car Alarm Remote

Programming a car alarm remote is a simple task that involves a few steps, including: checking, overriding, programming and testing.

Below are 4 guide steps to program a car alarm remote:

Step 1 – Checking
In order to reprogram a car alarm remote, you need to make sure every door and the hood and trunk are shut. Place the car key in the ignition and close the door. If anything is open, it will chime or a light will come on. Source:  DoItYourself

Step 2 – Overriding

  • Put your key into your vehicle’s ignition, and turn the key to the “On” position, which is two clicks to the right and one short of starting the car.
  • Press the “Override” button on your car alarm remote five times consecutively. The siren will emit a short beep, and the lights on the car will flash on. Source:  eHow

Step 3 – Programming
Once all programming is complete, move the valet switch on and then off one final time. Set the car’s ignition to the off position and exit the car, locking it manually. Test the Prestige remote to ensure that all of the buttons programmed properly. If any buttons do not work as expected, start the programming process from the beginning. Source:  eBay

Step 4 – Testing
Test every button on your new remote or remotes to make sure they are functioning properly. If anything isn’t working right, recheck the instructions and attempt to reprogram the remotes. After three tries, you should stop and consult a mechanic so you don’t damage the alarm or trigger some sort of safety lock-out feature. Source:  Autos

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