3 Tips on How to Fix a Car Alarm That Keeps Going Off

There are several reasons why a car alarm might not work properly. In these short post we’ll discuss few tips on how to fix a car alarm that keeps going off, such as: shutting-off, disconnecting and reconnecting and checking by your installer.

Below are 3 tips on how to fix car alarm that keeps going off:

Find the shut-off switch for your alarm system. When your alarm was installed, the installer most likely equipped it with a shut-off switch to allow you to turn off your alarm system at any time. The shut-off switch is usually located below your steering wheel near your feet and is hidden so that thieves can’t find it. Your installer should have shown you where it is. You may have to hold it down for three or four seconds for the system to shut down. Source: eHow

Disconnecting and Reconnecting
Disconnect the negative terminal from your car’s battery. This will completely turn off your car’s electrical system.

  • Disconnecting your battery will reset all of the electrical systems in your car, but it also means that your car will not run.

Reconnect the negative terminal to your battery after allowing at least 30 seconds to pass. If the alarm goes off, try following these steps again. If nothing works and the alarm continues, disconnect the negative terminal from your battery again and contact your dealership or aftermarket alarm installer. Source: wikiHow

Checking by Your Installer
1. Check and make sure your dome light is not staying on.  If it is make sure all doors are closed and/or the dome
light switch is not turned on.
2. Check your sensor. Make sure they are not too sensitive. They can cause false alarm and also cause the system
not to arm by itself.
3. The alarm current sensing might be detecting voltage drop from the battery of the car or current draw from an equipment (maybe left on). Source: DrDetailShop

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