Car Alarms

To have a better understanding of auto safety for having programmed alarm yourself, here are few steps that could help in programming or reprogramming your own car alarms, such as: reading the instructions, programming and testing.

Car Alarms
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Below are 3 guide to car alarm programming:

Reading the Instructions
Instructions for resetting the remote are generally included with the documentation included with the product. If you purchased the car alarm from an accessory company, had the unit installed, and did not receive operating instructions, check with the installer. Aftermarket car-alarm companies often provide operating instructions online. Check the alarm manufacturer’s website for a link to the information you need to complete the reset task. Source: Ebay

Ready the Car
With the key in the ignition, turn it two positions, to the point just before the car would turn on.
Program the Car Alarm Remote
On the car alarm remote, press the “Override” or “Cancel” button five times. It is important that you do this in fewer than eight seconds. You can now press the “Lock” button. Source: Doityourself

Test every button on your new remote or remotes to make sure they are functioning properly. If anything isn’t working right, recheck the instructions and attempt to reprogram the remotes. After three tries, you should stop and consult a mechanic so you don’t damage the alarm or trigger some sort of safety lock-out feature.
Some custom car alarms have a feature known as “warn-away.” This feature has the alarm telling someone they are getting too close to the car. If your alarm has these capabilities, you will find it in the introductory information in the manual.
You may even have a car camera for security surveillance, which you can program to record if the alarm is triggered. As long as you carefully read your owner’s manual before you install and before you apply power, programming your alarm should be quite easy. Source:  Autos

Car alarm programming is a task that doesn’t require a mechanic, only a little knowledge of programming basics and some time. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please give us a call or contact us here.

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