Troubleshooting 3 Common Car Alarm Problems

Car safety is an integral part of your concern as a car owner and having a durable car alarm will always be of good help. In this short post will discuss few ways to troubleshoot common car alarm problems, such as: keyless entry alarms, wiring problems and programming.

Keyless Entry Alarms
Cars with remote entry systems can become faulty if the battery inside the remote starts to die down. If your find that you cannot activate or deactivate the alarm via the remote control, start with replacing the battery and see if it makes a difference. Source: Doityourself

Wiring Problems
There could be myriad problems in the internal circuit of the alarm console when this happens. In this situation, the alarm goes off even when there is not a single soul approaching your car. You can stop the alarm by simply putting on the ignition. Else, you may also try switching off the button for the alarm, located beneath your steering wheel. However, if this does not solve the problem, you might have to remove the fuse of alarm. Usually, the fuse box for the alarm is located below the steering wheel on the left side. However, if your alarm system happens to be an after-market one, then you will find your alarm fuse in the hood. Check the user’s manual for the diagram of the fuse box. Your alarm fuse is likely to be marked with a symbol. Using a needle nose plier, pull out the fuse out of the box. However, if you cannot decide which of the fuses is the alarm fuse, then you may perform trial and error, until you pull out the right fuse and get the alarm disabled. If this solution does not seem to work, you may have to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery, to disable it. However, use this option only as a last resort, as disconnecting the negative terminal means you cannot start your car. Source: Buzzle

Disconnect the battery. This option is a last-case scenario. Turn off your car and remove the keys. Two cords that power your car run up to the top of the battery where they are screwed on (think of the positive and negative connectors you use when you jump start your car). Use a wrench to unscrew the side nut of each connector. (Do the negative side first, and when you reconnect the battery put the negative side back on first.) You should be able to lift the connector up and off of the battery. This method is most helpful when you have a car alarm that is going off at night, or when you are not actively using the car. Source: eHow

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