Trucks Keys – All Makes & All Models

Mr. Locksmith specializes in making truck keys for all types of vehicles. If your truck is a:
truck keys

  • Semi.
  • Straight Truck.
  • Cube van.
  • Pickup.
  • Family SUV.

Mr. Locksmith has you covered when it comes to making keys for a truck, helping when you’ve locked your keys in the truck or fixing damage done to a truck lock.

Recently we encountered four separate problems with truck locks. These involved:

  • One had keys locked inside the truck.
  • One had lost the truck keys.
  • One had a truck door lock with damage.
  • One had door lock failure, due to forced entry.

Truck Keys Locked in Cab

Locked Out TrackA 2012 Western Star truck was in the process of being transferred from the dealer to the new owner. At 6 p.m. I received a call asking for help because the keys were locked in the truck. In fact, both sets of keys had been accidently locked inside the truck. Additionally the internal power in the truck was off, meaning the power locks would not provide a solution.
This was a new truck right from the dealer, so entry had to be done carefully, ensuring there was no visible damage.
We ultimately air-bagged the passenger door, gained enough room to use a long reach tool, manually flipped the lock knob, and opened the door with no damage to the truck.

Lost Truck Keys

Lost Truck KeysThe next call involved a 2012 Freightliner truck where the truck keys were lost. The truck has been idle over the weekend, and on Monday morning there were no keys for the truck. Over the weekend the keys had been lost and could not be found.

Mr. Locksmith automotive received an emergency call Monday morning, and an hour later we were at the customer’s location.

With no key codes visible on the truck locks we had two options. We could take the door apart, in order to access the numbers on the lock wafer. This usually gives us the necessary “cuts” to make a truck key.

If the cuts are not visible then the next step is to attempt a “progression program,” which would allow us to determine the remainder of the cuts. The end result for this incident was we managed to have the truck driver back on the road in 1 1/2 hours, with two new truck keys.

Truck Lock Damaged

Truck Lock DamagedThis service call for Mr. Locksmith was for a Mack truck, where the keys were locked inside the cab. We were advised that we were the second locksmith to help, and that the first locksmith has been unable to gain access. Using the air-bag technique, we gained access to the passenger side door, pushed the power door lock switch and opened the locks on both doors.

After opening the passenger door I proceeded to open the driver side door. It was then that I discovered that the previous locksmith who had been called for assistance had damaged the lock. They attempted to gain access to the cab by using a “Slim Jim.”

They put it inside the door by sliding it down the truck window. This resulted in the linkage being knocked off the door handle, with the end result being the door handle had been disabled.

Professional locksmiths at Mr. Locksmith would never attempt this, knowing that it can result in serious damage.

The damage caused by the first locksmith resulted in the truck driver incurring additional expenses. Mr. Locksmith repaired the damage by removing the door panel, in order to reconnect the outer door handle linkage.


Truck Door Lock Failure

In this last example, the driver of a 2007 Western Star experienced door lock failure due to forced entry into the vehicle.

We were able to remove the inner door panel enough to access the lock, repair the wafers and reinstall the lock.

Truck Door Lock FailureThis is a fairly simple procedure for a professional locksmith, and we had the truck driver back on the road and working in 1 1/2 hours. We saved him from the inconvenience of having to call the dealer for an appointment, wait for parts to arrive and wait while repairs are done.

In the end we saved him from lost days on the road and the loss of a significant amount of income.Truck Door Lock Failure