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Yes, Even Asian Cars Experience Problems

We’ve written extensively on ignition issues that people experience with domestic vehicles. Most notable among them is the Ford Focus, where we’ve documented numerous problems people experience.

Today we’ll look at a different vehicle manufacturer – Honda

Typical year and model that experience issues are: Honda Civic, Accord, CRV, Pilot and Odyssey.  We  have seen the problem with 2002 to 2007 models so far.

Honda owners are experiencing problems with laser cut / sidewinder locks. The problems are with both ignition and door locks. In some cases the key can not turn properly in the ignition and door locks, which often results in lock jamming. When a key jams a door, it normally occurs after the owner has turned the key, which leaves the door in a lock position. This results in the owner being unable to remove the key.

Mr. Locksmith-Automotive uses procedures, which effectively correct both issues, and we are able to fix your Honda ignition or door lock on-site. This means you avoid the cost of towing your vehicle.

Honda Keys Repair
Mr. Locksmith Automotive visiting a client home in order to repair Honda car keys.

In order to repair the Honda car keys and locks both the door and ignition locks must be removed. The problem is that the wafers in the lock are usually out of alignment, and sticking up and out of the cylinder. As a results in the key not turning properly in its housing.

Honda Ignition Lock problem
In this picture you can see, that with the key inserted, the wafers are sticking up and are out of place when the key is inserted. Normal wafers would be flat against the body of the cylinder.
Honda Ignition Lock Problem
The above pictures show a key in the off position (left) and one in the on position (right). This shows how the key now turns properly in the ignition lock.

At Mr. Locksmith-Automotive we will successfully correct the problem you’re experiencing, and are happy to help with the repair your Honda vehicle.

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