3 Common Steering Wheel Locks for Better Vehicle Security

Worried about your car being stolen or broken into? A steering wheel lock can be a huge deterrent. Below are 3 common steering wheel locks for better vehicle security.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Club 1102-LX Series Steering Wheel Lock
From Winner International is the Club 1102 LX steering lock that is a chrome plated and high-performance model that features a laser-encrypted top security lock—a patented self-locking and reliable innovation. It is therefore fool-proof, can’t be replicated, and securely locks with just a one time pull. It further has a universal fit design compatible on vans, SUVs, and cars/sedans’ steering wheels. Its hardened steel build is resistant to Freon attacks, prying, tagging, and hammering. It serves well and is durable. Source: NotaSingleDrop

Magnasonic AUTOLOCK200 Steering Wheel Lock
Reports in the US indicate that every 40 seconds a vehicle theft occurs, 1 in 386 have had their vehicle stolen once in their lives and thieves have stolen about $5.2 million worth of vehicles. These statistics are signs that you need to protect your vehicle against theft. This is one of the security tools that perhaps you can use to lock your vehicle. It completely locks your vehicle to and prevents the wheel from turning and thus no thief can operate your vehicle. Lastly, it is very easy to install and requires very little technique. Source: DabestReview

Farmunion Foldable Steering Wheel Lock
Instead of the typical pronged-design, this steering wheel lock hooks onto the dashboard and steering wheel through a clamp-like mechanism. It’s made of steel and plastic to hold up to a lot of abuse. Although it’s strong, it has a backup in case a thief breaks the lock. It’ll press on your airbag and cause the horn to go off if it’s cut for added security.


  • 360-Degree Locking Position. In order to fit more vehicles, this is a flexible model.
  • Backup Security System. If someone cuts this lock, it’ll set off your horn to scare them away.
  • Foldable. This is a compact unit for convenient storage. Source: Safewise

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