5 Inexpensive Car Security Tips

Cars are expensive and just like any other expensive asset, a car brings with it a secondary cost – the risk of theft. Luckily, this short post will cover some inexpensive car security tips that will help you protect your vehicle.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Below are 5 inexpensive car security tips:

Car Alarms
Car alarms have become ubiquitous, and that has somewhat diminished their effectiveness. Even so, a blaring car alarm can scare off a thief in the middle of the night and keep your car from being the next one stolen. Look for a quality car alarm, with a sensor that isn’t set off by a strong gust of wind or a cat leaping onto the hood. Source: ReadersDigest

Car Immobilizer
An immobiliser is an electronic device which prevents a car from being started by someone who doesn’t have the proper key. Although an immobiliser won’t stop a car from being broken into, it may stop it from being stolen. And even if a thief can somehow start an immobilised car, the extra time this would take would very likely dissuade them from even attempting it.
Since 8 October 1998, all new UK cars have had immobilisers fitted as standard, but if you drive an older car, getting an immobiliser professionally fitted will help secure your car and could mean cheaper car insurance. Source: Confused

Steering Locks
Given that experienced car thieves can remove a steering wheel in less than a minute (and ‘yes’ they do carry spares), some question the effectiveness of steering wheel locks. However, they do provide a cheap deterrent that’s likely to put off all but the most determined criminal. Handbrake and gearstick locks provide a similar alternative.
Preventing vehicle crime is all about making life more difficult for criminals, and by taking any of the measures outlined above you are reducing the risk of your car being broken into or stolen. Source: QuoteLineDirect

Secure Parking
You’re obviously going to feel nervous about leaving your car in a dodgy-looking area, but car crime can be a problem in the nicest parts of town.
If you’re parking on your driveway or in a car park, make sure you park as close as possible to your home or another occupied building. And if you’re in a restaurant or pub, try and park where there’s a view of your car from inside. Even if you’re not able to get a seat by a window, someone else might notice something untoward going on. Source: Telegraph

You can inscribe the VIN number on the engine, on the hood, in the trunk, and on the windows. This makes a car unattractive to thieves because it is now much more difficult to change the car’s identity. It’s also easier for the cops to find if they raid a chop shop or catch the criminals joyriding in your car. Source: SavingAdvice


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