The key is jammed in the lock and won’t come out

While the most common problem for car owners is lost keys, there are many other situations when you will most certainly need to call upon the services of an auto locksmith. Example, your car was stolen but when it was returned to you by the police you see that a key is jammed in the lock. You cannot wiggle or tap it out and digging it out is not an option. You thought you were safe when you bought a car with the added anti-theft security feature of the embedded electronic component in the key but now with this problem you realize thieves have outwitted you by bypassing the security feature and stealing your car. But what to do now that the car is inoperable? Tapping the jammed key may work well enough to get you to the dealership or it may not work at all or the car may stop half-way there resolving nothing. Alternatively, you could just have the car towed to the dealership where you purchased it but that means a towing charge and possible wait time if you have to schedule an appointment for service, or if there is simply no one to available at that time, or you arrive there only to find the service department is closed. Your better alternative is to call us to¬†extract the key, repair or replace the damaged lock, make and program 3 new replacement keys, and send you on your way with no further delay. It’s always a good idea to have a spare key made in case one is misplaced or lost but in this instance we strongly suggest the production of 3 keys. The reason is that you can often program a key yourself if you have 2 master keys but if you lose one you will again need the services of a locksmith or car security specialist to do the job for you using their specialized diagnostic equipment and that means another added cost. We are also certain that our services, whether roadside or at your home, are cheaper than if you go to the dealership.

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