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It doesn’t matter whether you have a new car or a old car, Mr. Locksmith-Automotive makes keys for most cars, trucks and motorcycles out there today. The one discussed here is a 1966 Caprice.

The biggest problem with older vehicles is knowing whether the locks are original or have they been changed, in other words are the locks from the year and model you’re working on, has for instance the ignition been changed and no longer matches the door locks. A lot of the time depending on how long the client has owned the vehicle and if the vehicle came with keys or not even the owner doesn’t know for sure.

Recently I had a call from a client to make keys for his 1966 Chevy Caprice, from a Automotive Locksmith standpoint it’s a 6 cut GM key with 4 depths. The blanks are B10’s for the Ignition and Doors and B11’s for the Glove box and Trunk.

The client needed ignition and door keys so that the vehicle could be moved from storage to a restorer.

In this case because I didn’t know the history of the vehicle and the locks I used a simpler method of tryouts to determine the key.

Here are the results, not the keys turned in the different positions in the ignition.


IMG_1706 IMG_1711 IMG_1713

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