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Mr. Locksmith Automotive: VW keys and programming.

Lost keys, duplicate keys, flip keys, for your Volkswagen, yes at Mr. Locksmith-Auto we do that too. We can also program most VW models.
From new to old we keep a good supply of standard double sided cuts to the new Sidewinder/Laser cut keys as well as the “flip” keys and have the programmer to complete the job.
Earlier vehicles pre 1998 and some 1999’s are mostly traditional double sided cut keys, after 1999 almost if not all VW keys are Sidewinder/Laser cut keys. The difference in keys is evident in the following pictures.

Mr. Locksmith-Auto. VW keys and programming
Mr. Locksmith-Auto This is a VW Laser cut key

The VW Laser cut key is a more complicated job to completed than the standard double sided cut key.

Mr. Locksmith-Auto. VW keys and programming
Mr. Locksmith-Auto. This is a traditional VW double sided cut key

The double sided key is easier to cut the machine is less complicated and much more economical to purchase.

Unfortunately key codes are not a option through Volkswagen so we as Automotive Locksmiths have to use more traditional methods, I can remove and disassemble a automotive lock from the vehicle and decipher the individual wafers to create a key for the lock, I can also make a key using specialized picks and readers. Using these methods we can have a client on the road same day instead of it taking days from the dealer and the stress and expense of having to tow your vehicle to the dealer. Most keys for all recent vehicles carry a transponder chip in the key, that “chip” must  be married to the vehicle. Since we also have to most up to date programmers available we can also program the key we create into the vehicles ECM-electronic control module.

Mr. Locksmith-Auto is a quick and easy method to replace lost, stolen or damaged keys, we can provide spare keys so that should a key become lost/missing you are not left out in the cold, you can always have a spare.

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