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Honda Civic Key Will Not Turn or Ignition Jammed: Problems with Sidewinder Key

Honda Civic Key Will Not Turn or Ignition Jammed: Problems with Sidewinder Key.

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Starting in 2002 to present Honda upgraded to a High Security Sidewinder or Laser key with a transponder or chip key for ignition, door and truck locks. The locks use wafers and split wafers and are vulnerable to wear and breakage resulting in lock malfunction.

Does your Hondas ignition have one or more of the following problems:

– Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition

– Sticking ignition.

– Key is dirty after removing or turning

– Unable to remove the key

– Key locked in a position

– Key will no longer turn the ignition, key stuck in ignition, key stuck in door lock.

Honda models that are also at risk of ignition and door lock problems are as follows: Honda Civic, Honda Pilot, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, CRV and Honda Element.

If you have a malfunctioning ignition you do not need to replace the steering column or entire ignition, the lock can be removed, rekeyed to match your existing key and the lock modified by Mr. Locksmith Automotive to prevent future similar problems. Also, the Automotive Locksmith can duplicate and program additional keys and remotes onsite.

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In conclusion, Honda ignition and door lock problems are vulnerable to the key sticking and the ignition jamming. At Mr. Locksmith we see this problem on a daily basis. Save yourself from expensive dealer replacement parts and avoid the hassle and expense of towing. Furthermore, we will match the locks to your existing key so you still will only need one key to open and start your car and we can duplicate and program spare keys and remotes that will open and start your car.

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