3 Common Aftermarket Car Alarm Products

When it comes to protecting both your car and your valuable possessions inside, there is no substitute for a good car alarm that could serve as both a deterrent and a response system. Check out some of the most common aftermarket car alarm products, such as: Commando FM-870, Viper 5806V and Python 2-Way Security. Below are […]

Making Keys To A VATS Cadillac Hearse | Mr Locksmith Blog

Making Keys To A VATS Cadillac Hearse | Mr Locksmith Blog. For further info visit Mr. Locksmith Automotive. Not a typical day getting called out to make a key for a 1996 Cadillac Hearse with a Vehicle Anti-theft System (VATS ) key system. General Motors invented and deployed the VATS system into their vehicles in […]

3 Tips to Reset Factory Car Alarms

Need help in troubleshooting car alarm systems? This short post will cover few tips to reset a factory car alarms where you can ensure both the safety and function of your vehicle. Below are 3 tips to reset a factory car alarms: Unlock the Car Manually Close all of your car doors. Insert one key […]

3 Tips for Locked Keys inside the Car

It can be frustrating having locked keys inside your car. However, there are ways to get into your car without having the key and without damaging your car. Below are 3 tips for locked keys inside the car: Shoestring The first time I saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It sounds too good to […]

4 Winter Driving Checklist

Worrying about driving through winter weather? Luckily, we’ll share some winter driving checklist for a safe winter road trip, including: car battery, antifreeze, wiper blades and breakdown membership.   Car Battery The RAC attends more call-outs for batteries than any other problem. During February 2012 we went to more than 50,000 battery-related call-outs. Remember, if […]

Car Breakdown: 3 Important Tips to Remember

You can rarely predict when your car is going to break down. This article will cover some tips to remember during car breakdown, including: pulling over, getting everyone out and calling for help. Pulling Over Pull over and out of traffic if possible. Even if all of the emergency lights are activated, some highway drivers […]

3 Important Features to Consider When Buying Car Alarms

A car alarm system is important not only for the protection of your car, but also for that of personal items which may be inside the vehicle. Understanding some important features of car alarms will ensure the safety of your possessions. Below are 3 important features to consider when buying car alarms: Sensor Motion sensors […]

3 Lock Bumping Facts

It is a good idea to be aware of the different techniques thieves use to gain access to your home and properties, but it is also important to understand how these methods work. In this short post we’ll discuss 3 lock bumping facts. Read on! Lubricating Lubricating a lock, makes it easier to pick – so […]

3 Common Types of Car Alarm Systems

In order to understand how to protect your car from thieves, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the different types of car alarm systems, and how they operate to protect your vehicle from theft. Below are 3 common types of car alarm systems: Active vs. Passive Car Alarms There are two main types […]

4 Tips for Preventing Car Break-Ins

Having your personal belongings stolen out of your vehicle can make you feel vulnerable. There is no way to completely stop anyone from breaking into your car, but here are 4 tips to help prevent car break-ins. Lock your Doors While this piece of advice should be a no-brainer, up to a quarter of vehicle […]