4 Road Trip Safety Tips

Are you and your family planning a summer road trip this year?  The road trip planning tips outlined below will offer advice to fuel your next highway adventure.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Below are 4 road trip safety tips:

On longer trips, keep napkins, plastic ware and a small cooler handy for meals on the go. You’ll also want some spare change for tolls, as well as a first-aid kit, flashlight, pillow and blanket. Keep a set of jumper cables, a spare tire or donut, and extra fluids for the car (such as windshield wiper fluid) in your trunk. Source: IndependentTraveler

Get a good night’s sleep. According to the NHTSA, driving while drowsy is a contributing factor in 100,000 accidents annually. Drive only when well rested, and switch off with another adult every few hours, if possible. Source: Parents

Car Security System
It might behoove you to have a car security system. If you need to leave your car on the side of the road, a 2-way car alarm will let you know if anyone is tampering with it. It can also ensure that it’s safe while parked at different hotels and locations overnight. You can compare top car alarms using our helpful guide. Source: SafeWise

Weather Forecast
Find out what disasters may occur in the place where you are traveling, especially if they are disasters you have never experienced before. Find out how you would get information in the event of a disaster (local radio systems, emergency alert systems).
Pay attention to the weather forecast for your destination. Travel and weather web sites can help you avoid storms and other regional challenges that could impact your safety. Source: RedCross

With a little preparation, you can ensure that your family road trip will be safe and stress free!

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