3 Tips to Prevent Car Keys from Getting Misplaced

It’s a good idea to try and develop habits that will stop you from misplacing your car keys. Thus, these article will cover some tips to prevent car keys from getting misplaced, including: keep carefully in a safe place, consider key finder and ringer and hire a locksmith.

Below are 3 tips to prevent car keys from getting misplaced:

Keep Carefully in A Safe Place
This is one of the best methods used by many people within the automotive industry to keep their car keys safe and secured without. But for doing this, the first thing that you need to do is known about the places where it can be kept securely and safely. A lot of people attach their fob or remote to some valuable items, such as their handbag or wallet, which they are not going to lose. A lot of people have also started keeping the keys or remote in their athletic bags that have multiple compartments for storing personal belongings such as wallet, laptop and other items as well. Source: Wikiepedia.wordpress.com

Consider Key Finder and  Ringer
Brookstone, that store of electronic oddities and gadgets also offers up a wireless key finder. Their version offers a big locator with two big color coded buttons. The large unit presumably makes it more likely to get lost itself, with a permanent perch on your desk or counter.
Attach these Key Ringers to your keys or other belongings (their website shows among other things attachments to keys, a TV remote, purse, eyeglass case, and cane) and press the button on the locator the other unit will beep, helping you find where you left it. Source: Apartmenttherapy

Hire a Locksmith
If you were to lose your keys to your car/motorbike/van, or if for example a vehicle you purchased only had one set of keys for some reason, then your Auto specialist MLA Locksmith will be able to not only ensure you have an extra set created, but also importantly ensure that only the keys that are in your possession can be used, removing all others from the motor vehicle’s database so they will no longer start the car. Source: Locksmiths.co.uk

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