3 Safety Tips to Prepare Your Car for a Winter Road Trip

Winter road trips can be exciting even if those roads are covered in snow and slush. Here are some basic safety tips to prepare your car for a winter road trip.

Below are 3 Safety Tips to prepare your car for a winter road trip:

Getting Your Battery Checked

Batteries lose power as temperatures drop close to freezing. Batteries may lose as much as 60% of their charge at zero degrees. When you are traveling in cold weather, the last thing you want is to be stranded because of a dead battery. If your battery is more than two years old, you should consider replacing it. Source: Autotraining.edu


Checking Tire Tread

Your tires are what tie your car to the road. At any given time, your vehicle is touching the pavement only through a few square inches of rubber. Therefore, it’s important that your treads are deep enough to ensure adequate traction.

You should also check your tire pressure. The number on the tire’s side is the maximum pressure it can withstand, not the recommended amount. Your tires should be a little less inflated in winter, and closer to their maximum in summer. Never inflate your tires too much as it could provoke a blowout. And don’t forget that paramount spare tire, just in case. Source: Askmen


Adding Roadside Assistance to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Most auto insurance policies offer roadside assistance plans. If you’re not signed up for roadside assistance, consider adding it to your coverage before your trip. In addition to services like towing, flat-tire repair, and lock-out assistance, some roadside assistance plans also offer travel interruption reimbursement, as well as hotel and car rental discounts. Source: Safewise

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