3 Common Vehicle Theft Myths

When it comes to theft many people believe that they are immune because they put faith in a number of misconceptions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 common myths about vehicle theft, so that you will be able to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

Image Source: Flickr.com
Image Source: Flickr.com

Thieves Are Not Interested in Older Vehicles

Reality: Those who believe that older vehicles are of no interest to thieves should think again. In 2005, the top five model years stolen were 1991, 1995, 1989, 1994 and 1997, respectively, according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), which combats auto theft by investigating cases referred to it by insurers and through its online databases.
“Older vehicles are most often taken for their parts which are no longer manufactured and are too difficult or expensive to obtain,” said Robert M. Bryant, president and chief executive officer of NICB. Unfortunately, motorists with older vehicles who have dropped comprehensive coverage to save money are not covered for theft and do not qualify for replacement rental car coverage. NICB also publishes annual lists of the top thefts by region and by year, make and model, as well as most popular colors stolen and other information, including tips to help avoid theft using its “Layered Approach to Protection” Source: III

Vehicle Security Products are a Waste of Money
Reality: Actually, thieves will look for the easiest target that matches their needs. A layered approach to security on your vehicle will encourage them to look elsewhere. The last thing they want is to get caught, so anything that causes them to take extra time will help, and may deter them altogether. Source: TruckSecurity

Insurance Always Covers the Cost
Reality: Although you may have insurance coverage on your car, you still probably have a deductible, which may not take away all the pain of losing your vehicle. Many auto theft victims end up with out-of pocket expenses and unfortunately, insurance cannot always cover for the inconvenience, the hassle of looking for a new vehicle and the feeling of being violated. In addition, the value of the stolen vehicle is often times less than the owner thought. One more point to consider – your stolen vehicle may be used to commit other crimes and/or injure an innocent person.  Source: AATA

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