In order to understand how to protect your car from thieves, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the different types of car alarm systems, and how they operate to protect your vehicle from theft.

Below are 3 common types of car alarm systems:

Active vs. Passive Car Alarms
There are two main types of car alarm activation methods. Passive and active. Passive alarms automatically enter an armed state after the ignition is turned off and the last door is closed. Active alarms require the user to press the transmitter button to arm and disarm the system. If you set your alarm to arm passively you can probably get a discount on your insurance. Check with your insurance provider. You may get a discount either way. Most alarm systems can be configured as passive or active arming.

An alarm system should be put in at the same time or before a stereo system is put in. By waiting until after the system is in you run the risk of having it stolen before the alarm is installed. Source: Caraudiohelp

Two-Way Paging Car Alarms
Car alarms with two – way paging provide two-way communication between the alarm and the fob on a driver’s key ring. Some even have LCD screens. Unlike basic alarms that simply flash the vehicle’s lights in order to indicate whether the alarm has been activated or deactivated, these alarms can communicate their status to the owner sometimes up to a mile away. This communication is not limited to a simple report that the alarm has been activated, either. It can include notifying the owner if someone breaks into the car or even if the alarm goes off for any reason. Source: Ebay

Audible Car Alarms
The simplest car alarms basically work by using sensors placed in different points of your vehicle. When the sensors are disturbed they activate a loud horn hidden on the car. The sensitivity levels of the sensors can be increased to detect the slightest movement or increased to a level significant movement must be felt before sounding an alert. Being able to adjust the levels of sensitivity are helpful when certain environments may or may not set off the alert when needed. You wouldn’t want the alarm to go off for every little vibration such as someone shutting their car down beside you at the grocery store. However you may want it increased to a level that even if the neighbor’s cat attempts to take a snooze on the hood of your precious antique, it is set off. Warning you of danger as well alerting the neighbor their cat is now missing? Source: Hubpages

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