3 Benefits of Using Transponder Keys for Your Car

Transponder keys can provide additional security measures you can take for the protection of your car. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using transponder keys outlined below.

Exceptional Security
Theft Deterrent The transponder or VATS key is needed to start the vehicle. Thus, even if a robber can get into your car, most still wouldn’t be able to get it running.
Inconvenient If a thief decides to tow your car instead of driving it away, the engine will still need to be reprogrammed for it to be driven, an inconvenience that is enough to deter most. Source: Slideshare

Improved Functionality
In addition to unparalleled safety, transponder keys provide many more important benefits. The biggest benefit is that these keys can never be duplicated. However, the manufacturer can provide you a spare for emergency requirements. Each of these keys are created specifically to be used for a particular car. Therefore, no car can be started without its own, specific transponder key. This has been responsible in reducing car theft rates all over the world in the recent years.
As all of you already know, transponder keys can also perform certain functions within a short distance. This includes unlocking or locking the doors of the car just by pressing a single button. There is also an alarm system added to the coded security system. As a result, the cars sound an alarm whenever an unauthorized entry is attempted. Source: LocksmithTorontoOntario

Very Simple to Use
It is extremely simple to use this kind of key. With an interface that is as simple as it gets, all you have to do is push a button to open your door or start the vehicle. An additional possibility is to keep it simple with a basic transponder key, which is perfect for those that are just looking for security benefits. Source: AaronsLockAndKey

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