Top 5 Coolest Car Keys

Even though car keys have gotten more technical and expensive to duplicate, they have gotten much cooler. Here are the top 5 coolest car keys, including: Subaru STI, Pagani, Aston Martin, Bugatti Veyron Topspeed Key and Nissan 300ZX. Subaru STI When it came out, there was some press about how it was a rally kill […]

4 Common Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive locksmiths provide different kinds of services, including: replacement car keys, transponder keys, ignition related services and emergency lockout rescue services. Below are 4 common locksmith services: Replacement Car Keys Majority of the car keys today are equipped with and electronic chip that can help determining the car in case of car theft. But if […]

3 Ways to Replace Car Keys

Losing your car keys is no fun and it can be a nuisance trying to replace them. There are a number of ways you can go about replacing your car keys, such as: claiming on your insurance, buying a new set and calling a nearby auto-locksmith. Below are ways to replace car keys: Claiming on […]

Troubleshooting 3 Common Car Alarm Problems

Car safety is an integral part of your concern as a car owner and having a durable car alarm will always be of good help. In this short post will discuss few ways to troubleshoot common car alarm problems, such as: keyless entry alarms, wiring problems and programming. Keyless Entry Alarms Cars with remote entry […]

3 Common Types of Car Security Systems

Thinking about installing security systems for your car? There are wide variety of car security systems some of those types includes: alarms, tracking systems and immobilizing device. Below are 3 common types of car security systems: Alarms There are two main types of car alarm activation methods. Passive and active. Passive alarms automatically enter an […]

Mr. Locksmith-Auto Honda Laser Lock Failures

Mr. Locksmith-Auto Honda At Mr. Locksmith-Auto it seems we are facing issues with Honda Laser cut lock failures more and more. In the past few weeks I have done 5 ignitions and two doors. It crosses most models with laser cut keys, Civics Accords, Pilots Elements and others. The issue is the either the key […]

Honda Civic Key Will Not Turn or Ignition Jammed: Problems with Sidewinder Key

Honda Civic Key Will Not Turn or Ignition Jammed: Problems with Sidewinder Key. Go to Mr. Locksmith Automotive to learn more. Starting in 2002 to present Honda upgraded to a High Security Sidewinder or Laser key with a transponder or chip key for ignition, door and truck locks. The locks use wafers and split wafers […]

Rekeying 2015 Kenworth Truck: Mr. Locksmith Automotive

Rekeying 2015 Kenworth Truck: Mr. Locksmith Automotive. Randy Bath, licensed mechanic and locksmith to the rescue to rekey five (5) 2015 Kenworth Trucks that have to delivered to the customer immediately. Each truck has five (5) locks, ignition, two (2) door locks and two (2) compartment locks. The customer wanted all five truck to be the same key. Note: the […]

Mr. Locksmith Automotive makes keys to Fire Truck being donated to South America

Mr. Locksmith Automotive makes keys to Fire Truck being donated to South America.                 Bob Dubbert President of Firefighters Without Borders Canada called us and said they had lost the keys to a 1983 GMC 7000 Superior Fire Truck that was being donated to Uruguay. Randal Bath from […]

Mr. Locksmith Automotive: VW keys and programming

Mr. Locksmith Automotive: VW keys and programming. Lost keys, duplicate keys, flip keys, for your Volkswagen, yes at Mr. Locksmith-Auto we do that too. We can also program most VW models. From new to old we keep a good supply of standard double sided cuts to the new Sidewinder/Laser cut keys as well as the […]